Hunters Heaven

hunting-01For over a hundred years, hunters from all over the eastern United States and Canada have found their way to the Jackman/Moose River Valley region for Fall Whitetail Deer hunting. Thanks to the generosity of the paper companies, you may hunt just about anywhere. Hunter congestion is almost non-existent. Hundreds of miles of good gravel logging roads provide easy access to the deep woods.

The Jackman woods are thick, November can be cold and snowy and the deer are smart and elusive, but each year men from big deer states like Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire come in search of our big bucks. Dressed weights of 200 pounds are common, many at over 250 pounds are taken, a few have topped 300 pounds dressed.

The region also offers excellent hunting for other big and small game like moose, bear, coyote, snowshoe hare and bird hunting for ruffed grouse.




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