Wilderness Canoeing Adventure

This is the year to take the famous "Bow" trip on the Moose River - a unique canoe/camping experience for anyone that enjoys fishing and camping in the great outdoors. None of the fast water areas of this trip are rated above Class II.

The Bow trip is a scenic 35 mile voyage through some of the best unspoiled areas in Maine. It brings you through Attean Lake, one of the prettiest wilderness lakes in Maine, dotted with 42 islands. This area is also blessed with a number of sandy beach campsites. Many of our guests take day trips by canoe or motor boat and picnic on these beaches. We provide you with directions and a free map.


At Sally Mountain Cabins we rent 17' Old Town canoes, provide free parking and have overnight accommodations if needed. Scouts, kids and college groups are welcome.

JULY 2005


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